Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Top Selling Amazon kindles in market

If you love IPads and Amazon Kindlefire, then you must looking at the top selling Amazon Kindle configuration in web today. Given below are some of the best Amazon Kindle fire and the links to buy them from Amazon.

Best KindleFire Deals in Amazon

Sunday, February 26, 2012

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

TechnoExplore is Now

TechnoExplore, one of the top Technology Blogs in blogging space is now changed its url

Due to recent modifications in Google, all the blogs in Indian domain are modified to

It is sad that all the page rank has gone for sites which has previous page rank. May be Google look into the technology blogs and retain their page ranks.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Top Blackberry Applications 2012

Application Development
Top Blackberry Applications
Blackberry Phones are the first in smart phone development. There are hundreds of Applications that have been developed to provide wide rage of services to Blackberry Phones. Given below are the Ten Best Blackberry Applications for 2012.

Top Blackberry Applications 2012

#1 BlackBerry OS
It is the main software platform made by Research In Motion (RIM) for their BlackBerry line of handhelds. Operating System is the core operating software that is the engine of your BlackBerry. It provides multi-tasking, and makes use of the device's input devices, particularly the thumbwheel or trackball pointing device (used since 2006 till now).

#2 Push E-mail

Push email is the technology to send and receive e-mail with real time capability to the client as soon as it arrives. Each email is compressed 2 times to make the actual file size reduced up to 50 percent. With a push email smartphone, for example, the user's mailbox is constantly updated with arriving email effortlessly without user intervention. BlackBerry is the first PDA (personal digital assistant) to offer push email and gained near-instant success as a result, and its popularity continues to grow.

#3 BlackBerry Messenger (BBM)
BBM is abbreviation of BlackBerry Messenger. It is a sophisticated Instant Messenger application developed by Research in Motion (RIM) included on newer model devices. BBM allows clients to send files or pictures over the Blackberry network and instant messages over the Blackberry PIN system.

#4 SureType
It is a QWERTY-based character input method invented by Research in Motion / RIM (the BlackBerry vendors) for cell phones which is used on the Blackberry Pearl. It combines a QWERTY-based keyboard with a traditional telephone keypad to create a convenient way to input text on a cell phone.

#5 BlackBerry PIN
BlackBerry is an eight character hexadecimal identification number assigned to each BlackBerry device by the manufacturer. This unique personal identification number (PIN) numbers are locked to each handset device and cannot be changed.

#6 BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS)
BlackBerry Internet Service is a service that comes with every BlackBerry device that is activated with a service provider's data plan. It's the easiest, most affordable way for small businesses or individuals to start using BlackBerry smart phones without the need of IT support.

#7 BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES)
BES is the back-end software package that is part of the BlackBerry wireless platform from Research In Motion (RIM) that connects to messaging and collaboration software (like Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino, Novell GroupWise, and Zimbra) on enterprise networks to synchronize email and PIM information between desktop and mobile software.

#8 Attachment Viewing
It is a BlackBerry service to enable users open an email attachment in the BlackBerry device through BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) or BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES). The device must be integrated with an account that uses BIS or BES. You can view several types of file attachments on your BlackBerry device, including .zip, .htm, .html, .doc, .dot, .ppt, .pdf, .wpd, .txt, .vcf, and .xls files. You can also view .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .png, and .tif image attachments.

#9 BlackBerry Media Sync
BlackBerry Media Sync is a synchronization tool for transferring media files from a user's computer to the BlackBerry smartphone via a Universal Serial Bus (USB) cable. Media files can only be synchronized from the computer to the BlackBerry smartphone and not from the BlackBerry smartphone to the computer.

#10 RIM
RIM stands for Research In Motion, the company that manufactures BlackBerry devices and develops software products for it.

These are the 10 Best Blackberry Applications for 2012. For more on Blackberry Features and Blackberry History Visit the links below

Blackberry History
Blackberry Features and Advantages

Blacberry History and Features


Blackberry Features
Blackberry History

More and more developers are trying their luck in this field and making sure that they come up with the best ever Blackberry solutions for the millions of users that carry/use Blackberry mobiles.

Countless blackberry applications and software's are developed on monthly basis and launched in the market either for free or as trial packs or as buy-and-use packs, that compose of various messenger applications, games, internet browsers, themes, advanced e-mailing softwares, etc. largely downloaded and used by users.
For more information on Blackberry Latest Features, Visit Link Blackberry Features 2012

Blackberry's success has led to more than 28 million users of this smart phone brand. This fame led to the gradual development of Blackberry Applications and Software Market that has made this industry an ever growing and advancing field of survival. As and when, newer Blackberry mobile phones are launched with advanced features and exclusive technology, it is a challenge for the Blackberry Application Developers to beat the competition.

Blackberry Phones History

Backberry phones are the beginners in Smart Phone technology and now also recognized as one of the popular business phones in web. This article provides information about Blackberry History.

Blackberry Phones History

this lens' photo
BlackBerry Phones
A handheld, wireless communication device and favorite of many gadget enthusiasts, the BlackBerry came on the market in 1999, functioning as a two-way pager at the time. Improvements kept coming and by 2002, the BlackBerry featured email, text message, web browsing, voice communication and even internet faxing functionality.

The BlackBerry, developed by Canadian company Research in Motion, uses the same wireless data transmission infrastructure as do cell phones. The reason for the BlackBerry becoming so widely adopted was its email capabilities.
RIM even offers the BlackBerry email service for non-BlackBerry devices like the Palm Treo, thanks to the BlackBerry Connect software. BlackBerry phones now feature a color display, unlike older models.

More than just a cell phone, the BlackBerry has PDA-style applications such as calendars, address books and so on, but it is most highly prized for its ability to send and receive email anywhere a wireless network may be accessed. Even better, the BlackBerry features a QWERTY keypad to make it far easier to send email than with many other handheld devices. The scroll ball makes navigation a breeze - some BlackBerry models even feature PTT (push to talk) capabilities, like a walkie-talkie.

The BlackBerry is great for the needs of business people. They are filled with useful, cutting edge features and use the latest technologies. These are some of the reasons why the BlackBerry is the number one handheld phone, but there are others.
Besides the obvious attractions of the latest technology and features, the BlackBerry has a sleek look and can be used to cover many of the tasks which a business person needs to take care of while on the go. The BlackBerry's GRPS and EDGE technologies, along with a great web browser, keeps you connected no matter where you may be.

BlackBerry phones also include document viewing software which lets you keep on top of things by viewing and editing all of your important files. Many formats can be viewed and edited - some models also come with a document editing solution which lets you work on nearly any type of file.

BlackBerry phones are the most popular phones because of their full set of business and entertainment features (like the Blackberry Storm). If you want a phone that can do it all, it's time you thought about a BlackBerry.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Top Iphone and Blackberry Apps

There are hundreds of Mobile Applications that are developed in World now. As the mobile technology has improved rapidly, Top Mobile Phones such as Iphones, Android Application Phones and Blackberry Phones have developed. Given article link below provides Top 10 Blackberry Apps, Top 10 Iphone Music Apps and also Top 10 Android Apps. Check them out.

Best Review - Top 3 Iphone Apps in Web 2011 - applications, iPhone apps, blackberry, Android applications, Mobile Apps, Iphone 5

Friday, August 21, 2009

Unix Commands


Unix tip of the day

Here are the list of Unix commands as unix tip for the day. Hope these unix commands are useful.
Here is the unix commands summary

Unix Commands summary

ls ................. show directory, in alphabetical order
logout ............. logs off system
mkdir .............. make a directory
rmdir .............. remove directory (rm -r to delete folders with files)
rm ................. remove files
cd ................. change current directory
man (command) ...... shows help on a specific command
talk (user) ........ pages user for chat - (user) is a email address
write (user) ....... write a user on the local system (control-c to end)

pico (filename) .... easy to use text editor to edit files
pine ............... easy to use mailer
more (file) ........ views a file, pausing every screenful

sz ................. send a file (to you) using zmodem
rz ................. recieve a file (to the unix system) using zmodem

telnet (host) ...... connect to another Internet site
ftp (host) ......... connects to a FTP site
archie (filename) .. search the Archie database for a file on a FTP site
irc ................ connect to Internet Relay Chat
lynx ............... a textual World Wide Web browser
gopher ............. a Gopher database browser
tin, trn ........... read Usenet newsgroups

passwd ............. change your password
chfn ............... change your "Real Name" as seen on finger
chsh ............... change the shell you log into

grep ............... search for a string in a file
tail ............... show the last few lines of a file
who ................ shows who is logged into the local system
w .................. shows who is logged on and what they're doing
finger (emailaddr).. shows more information about a user
df ................. shows disk space available on the system
du ................. shows how much disk space is being used up by folders
chmod .............. changes permissions on a file
bc ................. a simple calculator

make ............... compiles source code
gcc (file.c) ....... compiles C source into a file named 'a.out'

gzip ............... best compression for UNIX files
zip ................ zip for IBM files
tar ................ combines multiple files into one or vice-versa
lharc, lzh, lha .... un-arc'ers, may not be on your system

dos2unix (file) (new) - strips CR's out of dos text files
unix2dos (file) (new) - adds CR's to unix text files

Saturday, July 25, 2009

password protect your files in windows xp

Recently I need to password protect files in my computer and I came across a file encryption software that is able to password protect my files in Windows XP. It’s a free file encryption software that is easy to use.

The name of this free file encryption software is AxCrypt. According to the website :-

AxCrypt File Encryption Software – Free Personal Privacy and Security for Windows 98/ME/NT/2K/XP/Vista with AES-128 File Encryption, Compression and transparent Decrypt and Open in the original application.

AxCrypt is the leading open source file encryption software for Windows. It integrates seamlessly with Windows to encrypt, decrypt, store, send and work with individual files.

Here are some of the features for this free encryption tool:-

* Double-click to edit/view with any application.
* Automatic re-encryption after modification.
* Absolutely no user configuration necessary or possible before use.
* Open source under GNU General Public License.
* 7 languages in one executable distribution.
* Extensive command-line interface for scripting and programming.
* AES encryption with 128-bit keys.
* Shredding of all temporary and encrypted plaintext files.
* Relatively light-weight, less than 1Mb download

How to change file modification date in linux

if your system date is far front than the files that are copied in to your system, you have to modify the file date . for file modification in linux, it is very simple

use touch *.
It will modify the date and time of all the files in the current directory.

If you have multiple files and directories,

you have to use find command in unix in that particular directory

find . -name "*.*"|xargs touch *

This command will change the file modification date and so everthing will be fine