Thursday, January 12, 2012

Blacberry History and Features

Blackberry Features
Blackberry History

More and more developers are trying their luck in this field and making sure that they come up with the best ever Blackberry solutions for the millions of users that carry/use Blackberry mobiles.

Countless blackberry applications and software's are developed on monthly basis and launched in the market either for free or as trial packs or as buy-and-use packs, that compose of various messenger applications, games, internet browsers, themes, advanced e-mailing softwares, etc. largely downloaded and used by users.
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Blackberry's success has led to more than 28 million users of this smart phone brand. This fame led to the gradual development of Blackberry Applications and Software Market that has made this industry an ever growing and advancing field of survival. As and when, newer Blackberry mobile phones are launched with advanced features and exclusive technology, it is a challenge for the Blackberry Application Developers to beat the competition.

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