Thursday, January 12, 2012

Blackberry Phones History

Backberry phones are the beginners in Smart Phone technology and now also recognized as one of the popular business phones in web. This article provides information about Blackberry History.

Blackberry Phones History

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BlackBerry Phones
A handheld, wireless communication device and favorite of many gadget enthusiasts, the BlackBerry came on the market in 1999, functioning as a two-way pager at the time. Improvements kept coming and by 2002, the BlackBerry featured email, text message, web browsing, voice communication and even internet faxing functionality.

The BlackBerry, developed by Canadian company Research in Motion, uses the same wireless data transmission infrastructure as do cell phones. The reason for the BlackBerry becoming so widely adopted was its email capabilities.
RIM even offers the BlackBerry email service for non-BlackBerry devices like the Palm Treo, thanks to the BlackBerry Connect software. BlackBerry phones now feature a color display, unlike older models.

More than just a cell phone, the BlackBerry has PDA-style applications such as calendars, address books and so on, but it is most highly prized for its ability to send and receive email anywhere a wireless network may be accessed. Even better, the BlackBerry features a QWERTY keypad to make it far easier to send email than with many other handheld devices. The scroll ball makes navigation a breeze - some BlackBerry models even feature PTT (push to talk) capabilities, like a walkie-talkie.

The BlackBerry is great for the needs of business people. They are filled with useful, cutting edge features and use the latest technologies. These are some of the reasons why the BlackBerry is the number one handheld phone, but there are others.
Besides the obvious attractions of the latest technology and features, the BlackBerry has a sleek look and can be used to cover many of the tasks which a business person needs to take care of while on the go. The BlackBerry's GRPS and EDGE technologies, along with a great web browser, keeps you connected no matter where you may be.

BlackBerry phones also include document viewing software which lets you keep on top of things by viewing and editing all of your important files. Many formats can be viewed and edited - some models also come with a document editing solution which lets you work on nearly any type of file.

BlackBerry phones are the most popular phones because of their full set of business and entertainment features (like the Blackberry Storm). If you want a phone that can do it all, it's time you thought about a BlackBerry.

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